Filomena Italian Market
For almost 40 years Filomena Ristorante has been a Classically Iconic National Treasure in Washington DC. People from all over the world have enjoyed the Filomena experience.

Welcome to “Filomena Italian Market”! Ever hear "Wishing won't make it happen"? Well it does now! If you are wishing for a fabulous fresh pasta with a perfect sauce from Filomena, we can make that happen with a bonus of no messy kitchen to clean. Now thru our new Italian Market we can ship directly from our Filomena kitchen to yours! Just pick out your preferred pasta and choice of sauce and your selections will be shipped directly to you or as a gift to that special someone. We start your meal by taking the time and all the basic steps of prep necessary for any fabulous dish and ship it to you fully prepped and uncooked for you to finish in minutes, heat your sauce and -Dine! Packed carefully in temperature controlled containers and shipped to you within 2 days. These Italian Meals will make it a "Stress Free Dinner".

Filomena's Italian Market will also offer some of our famous and delicious Desserts from our "Sweet Dreams" in-house bakery as well as many gourmet Italian products such as our Premium Hand Made Meatballs and our award winning Sausage as well as items from our Italian culture.

If you need a gift card we can do that too. Either have one mailed to you or do virtual gift cards.

Filomena’s Italian Market has something for everyone! Also a wonderful gift idea!
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